Revolutionary Actor Narayana Murthy Fires on Sensor Board

Revolutionary ActorNarayana Murthy Fires on Sensor Board

Revolutionary actor Narayana Murthy was stunned by the sensor team. Recently R Narayanan Murthy’s self-directed screenplay is “Annadata Sukshibha”. After completing the shooting, the film has completed censor programs, but since the sensor members requested to cut three scenes, Narayana Murthy was willing to compromise on two scenes but did not accept the third scene but the sensors team members hesitated the revolutionary actor with policies and he decided to go to the revising committee after the veterans broke . Fired on Sensor board members in front of the media.

So what do the censors tell us about the cuts not to criticize the GST tax, and to deny the bigger banknotes, even to criticize the difficulties faced by the common people, but agreed to both of them, The farmers took a loan If he does not pay it in time, the bank is going to sceze the house for small amount, but it’s industrialists crore borrowing and not paying in timely manner! and leaving to foreigh countries, The censor members requested to remove the dialogue, There were no counter parts. Narayan Murti is going to the revising committee. What’s up there No matter how much It is true in Narayan Murthy’s argument!

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