Kalyan Ram MLA Movie Review


Release date: March 23, 2018
123telugu.com Rating: 3/5
Starring: Kalyan Ram, Kajal Aggarwal
Director: Upendra Madhav
Producer: Kiran Reddy
Music Director: Mani Sharma
Editor: Tammi Raju

Most waited kalyanram commercial entertainment MLA movie release today, let’s see how it is.

Story of the Movie

Kalyan (Kalyan Ram) is a happy and lucky go young man who falls in love with indu (kajal agarwal) He proposed his love to indu, but she rejects his love proposal, kalyan follows her and requested his parents to marry with him, but indus daddy throughs a challenge to kalyan and ask him to become a MLA to marry her daughter, whats the reason behind asking kalyan rams to become MLA, and how did he became an MLA should be watched on silver screen.

Plus Point of the Movie

Kalyan ram is perfectly superb as MLA, and looks handsome and truly fits for MLA Role, Kalyan ram has done extraordinary performance as MLA and delivered punch dialogues ease, Kalyan ram carried movie on his shoulder.

Kajal Agarwal looks super beautiful and whole story revolves around her, he did her best in the movie.

Minus Points of the Movie

MLA is a routine story without have any new and good stuff, helping people and challenges to villains, and marring heroin.

Technical Aspects:

Film production values are simply super especially village mass elements and village setup showcased well in the movie, Music of the mani sharm are also tuned well received decent response, Cam work is also did well. Director Upendra has done an just best job, What upendra shown in this film is was seen many times in another movies.


Finally Kalyan rams MLA is a routine dram, which is shown in many films, Watch the film in Small Screens.

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